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CORTONA Art and monuments - Association for the Recovery of the Heritage of Cortona

This association was founded on January12th 2001 by a group of locals and received official recognition from the region of Tuscany on April 24th 2002.
As indicated in article 3 of the association’s statute, the association’s goals are to preserve and restore the churches of Cortona, restore places of historical and cultural interest and promote studies for the recovery of the ancient traditions of organ and harpsichord playing in Cortona, which benefited from the rich musical tradition of Tuscany from the 15th to the 17th century. The association also organises a number of concerts and conferences.

Although many have already adhered to this association, it is still in need of new inscriptions to be able to finance its worthy cause.

How to become a member.
To become a member all you need to do is make a transfer of € 51.60 onto the association’s postal account n° 15915549 or onto its bank account no. 6238/00 Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze Agenzia 208 di Cortona ABI 06160 CAB 25400.

As well as paying their inscription quota, new adherents must specify their address so that the association can send them all the information concerning its activities. The inscription quota is valid for a year.

Address: Via Gino Severini 87, 52044 Cortona (Arezzo) Tel. 0575 601388 Fax 0575 606477 e-mail

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