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Wednesday 26 June 2019
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Museo Archeologico e Paleontologico of Farneta

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The Museo Archeologico e Paleontologico of Farneta is housed in an adjacent building to the 11th century abbey of Farneta. The museum is divided into two parts. The first part houses a collection of archaeological finds including a Roman tomb, three Etruscan funerary urns in travertine stone, a font and some Roman statues. This section also houses some 14th century terracotta statues of St Peter and St Paul, as well as an early 17th century life-size statue in wood of Christ Resurrected, by Niccolò di Smeraldo Salvi di Lucignano). The second section contains paleontological finds such as fossils of animals from the Pliocene Epoch (Helephas Meridionalis and Helephas Antiquus).

Non accessibileRisorsa non accessibile, barriers: external step.

Address: Loc. Farneta, Abbazia di Farneta Tel. 0575610010
Free entrance.


  Major historical figures
Silvio Passerini (1469-1529) 
St Margherita (1247-1297) 
Luca Signorelli (144?-1523) 
Pietro Berrettini (1596-1669) 
Gino Severini (1883-1966) 
Brother Elia 
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