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Friday 23 August 2019
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Bathing - Lake Trasimene

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With its 9 well-kept beaches, Lake Trasimene is ideal for bathing and holidaying. Visitors to this area in the summer will find they have a broad choice of facilities, including a number of swimming-pools, 1 golf club, 4 riding centres, football pitches, tennis courts and large open spaces for various outdoor pursuits.

District of Castiglione del Lago:
n 3 beaches

District of Magione:
n 3 beaches

District of Passignano sul Trasimeno:
n 1 beach

District of Tuoro sul Trasimeno:
n 2 beaches

The water is warm and clean; from April to September samples are regularly analysed in laboratories to test its purity.

Monthly average air-temperature (°C)

Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct

in (°C) 9.4 11.5 17.5 19.8 23.3 24.1 19.7 15.2

Monthly average water-temperature (°C)

Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct

in (°C) 12.3 17.4 19.6 24.2 26.2 27.9 23.3 19.7



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