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Friday 23 August 2019
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The basic rate includes a feature in the Cortona Guide with a connection link to the website of the hotel or tourist reception structure, as well as a photo and short description [see example].

The cost is € 80 + VAT per month (for a minimum agreement term of one year).

Other more qualified forms of visibility are also available, such as banners placed in the single sections of the Cortona Guide.

For further information please contact us via email atwebmaster@cortonaguide.com.



  Major historical figures
Silvio Passerini (1469-1529) 
St Margherita (1247-1297) 
Luca Signorelli (144?-1523) 
Pietro Berrettini (1596-1669) 
Gino Severini (1883-1966) 
Brother Elia 
Famous Cortonese 

  What to see & do
Lake Trasimeno 
Weddings in Tuscany 
Archaeological Itinerary 

  Lake Trasimene
Lake Trasimene 
Eating well by Lake Trasimene 
Where to stay by Lake Trasimene 
Bathing - Lake Trasimene 
The islands - boat tours 
Ristorante Da Massimo, lago Trasimeno - Magione 

  Specials - Out of town
Gift Ideas for traveling 
Wedding in Cortona 
Arezzo - where to sleep - Discover the city of Antiquarian and Gold 
Pierle and Its Castle 
Stay in Val di Chiana aretina 

Typical Tuscan products 

  Typical products
Signal a Craft