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Monday 22 July 2019
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Choose from the full range of lodgings available in Cortona and the surrounding area.
The best solution to suit your needs:
Hotels, Farm Holidays, Historic Residences, Rent to Rooms, Apartments to Rent, Hostels, Religious Hostels, Camping, Farmhouse and Country-houses.

Shopping a Cortona

Ready to hit the racks, but don't know which neighborhoods are prime shopping destinations? Our editors identify Shopping hot spots.

Cortona prodotti tipici

Consult our Typical Products section to find out where to get the area's best local produce and make the most of it in your kitchen at home.

Cortona cosa Vedere e Fare

Got a few hours to spare and need some suggestions as to how to make the most of your time?

The What to See & Do section lists a number of activities both in Cortona and the surrounding area.

Visit tourist attractions: the Melone II° del Sodo and Cortona Archaeological Park ...

 Cortona Guide
Cortona - Veduta di Cortona dal Palazzo delle Papesse

Cortona hotel

Cortona ristoranti

Cortona restaurant Get the inside scoop on the full variety of cuisine available in Cortona and the surrounding area.

 Editor's Choices
Lago Trasimeno - Trasimeno Lake

  Major historical figures
Silvio Passerini (1469-1529) 
St Margherita (1247-1297) 
Luca Signorelli (144?-1523) 
Pietro Berrettini (1596-1669) 
Gino Severini (1883-1966) 
Brother Elia 
Famous Cortonese 

  What to see & do
Weddings in Tuscany 
Archaeological Itinerary 

  Lake Trasimene
Lake Trasimene 
Eating well by Lake Trasimene 
Where to stay by Lake Trasimene 
Bathing - Lake Trasimene 
The islands - boat tours 
Relais Torale Holiday stay on Trasimeno 
Trasimeno Home 

  Specials - Out of town
Gift Ideas for traveling 
Wedding in Cortona 
Home in Umbria 
Arezzo - where to sleep - Discover the city of Antiquarian and Gold 
Pierle and Its Castle 
Stay in Val di Chiana aretina 
Visit Assisi, Hotel Moderno 


  Typical products
Signal a Craft